Juan Carlos López is an architect and Master of Arts based in Chile. His work is linked to cultural and artistic research applied to architectural design and academic practice. He has been teaching at different universities in Chile, highlighting his experience as a studio professor of the first academic years that seek to instill in the student an authorial character to develop a personal discourse through architectural space and alternative ways of living. —He has been recognized by Casabella magazine as one of the best under-30 architects in 2013, as one of the finalists for the emerging architecture award MCHAP.emerge awarded by the IIT of Chicago and as architect of the year by the ED magazine in 2017. Currently his work embrace different scales from urban interventions to digital design with a continuous research about emotional dimension of space through projects that question the role of feelings to redefine the architecture practice.


2022 XX House
2022 Chela house
2019 PAH Public Park
2017 Paseo Bandera, architecture and urban art intervention, Santiago, Chile.
2016 Lautaro Ferrer 24 housing building
2016 Lautaro Ferrer 35 housing building
2016 Nelson Mandela memorial

2015 Laboratorio de Gobierno Headquarters
2015 CID, Desert Interpretation Center

2014 Liga 15 Exhibition
2012 ABS Kinesiology clinic
2012 Los Queñes House

2011 Santa Julia House

2011 Educative hall furniture GAM 

Juan Lopez
Architect MA

Santiago, Chile
E-mail: xx@juancarloslopez.cl


2003-2009 Architecture degree Universidad de Chile
2015-2017 Master of Arts degree Universidad de Chile


2019 First prize of “Parque Av. Padre Alberto Hurtado” competition.
2017 Best Architect of the year, ED magazine, Santiago de Chile.

2016 First prize of “Homenaje a Nelson Mandela” competition.
2015 Finalist of MCHAP.emerge Prize, IIT Chicago.
 2015 First prize of new innovation center headquarters “Laboratorio de Gobierno”, Chile.

2013 Selected one of the “Best architects under 30” by Casabella magazine, Italy.

2009 Third prize “PCV, Parque Cultural Valparaíso” competition.


2018 “One kilometer houses”, Superespacio gallery, Santiago de Chile
2016 “Ilusión Marina”, collective show of Magíster Artes Visuales Universidad de Chile

2015 “Octágono”, collective show of Magíster Artes Visuales Universidad de Chile
2014 “LIGA 15: el espacio entre las cosas”, México DF
2013 “Área Santiago”, Factoría Italia, Santiago, Chile.

2012 “Cosmos vs Caos”, conference in Facultad de Arquitectura UBA, Buenos Aires.


Universidad de Las Americas

2022 Professor of “superedificio studio” with UBA architecture school Buenos Aires

2022 Professor of “independent publications”

Universidad de Talca

2021 Professor of “Medios 2” 2020 Professor of “Medios 4” 2019 Professor of “Taller 1” 2019 Professor of “Medios 4” 2017 Professor of “Medios 2”

Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello

2019 Professor of “Taller 4 y 5” 2018 Professor of “Taller 1 y 2” 2017 Professor of “Taller 3 y 4” 2016 Professor of “Taller 3 y 4” 2010 Professor of “Taller 3 y 4”

Universidad de Chile

2018 Professor of “Playscape” 2015 Professor of “Percepción 1” 2013 Professor of “Percepción 1” 2012 Professor of “Percepción 1”

Universidad Católica de Chile

2016 Professor of first year studio of MARQ
2016 Professor of “The theory of image” of MARQ 2015 Professor of “Taller de Ejercitación”

Universidad Diego Portales

2017 Professor of “Visualización y Materia”
2014 Professor of “Taller 1 y 2”
2013 Professor of “Taller 1 y 2”
2012 Professor of “Taller 1 y 2”

2011 Professor of “Taller 1 y 2”